Monday, August 17, 2015

Has RTRfm lost its EDGE?

Perth's once beloved independent radio station RTRfm is at it again i.e., all their carefully appointed radio/music announcers are again on the band-wagon [pardon the pun] telling everyone who will listen to pay up because they are all doing it for FREE. RTRfm is already tax-payer funded. So I had to write them and say....

"again guys I'm very sorry to say this but when various privileged radio announcers tell folks over radio "how they all do it freely" well, we all know this is rubbish. Okay it maybe true enough for those announcers who come in during the after midnight hours from their day jobs and play music these are doing it much more from the basis of love but of the more cushy day jobs as announcers where one MUST have the right pedigree/requirements ie., NO dysfunctional familial background, NO lower socio-economic status, MUST HAVE the right political networking connections ie feminist attitudes these WILL GENERALLY GO ON TO HAVE WELL ENUMERATED PROFESSIONS/CAREERS IN ENTERTAINMENT SECTOR because of connections. As well them and their 'mates' promote each others music and bands and political interests at the expense of the tax-payer who is unlikely to ever get a job at 'rtr-m' playing their musical interests.

RTRfm in the early days had much disparity and dysfunction and EDGE.

 Not now because it is largely under the surveillance and domination of vested interests i.e., the petty bougheosie who have very small insular mindsets and very minor first world concerns regarding two main themes & causes.
                                     -meaning "The economic interests of largely Upper-middle class Fems'" OR "the interests of Upper-middle class Lesbians & Gays." Simple fact.

 I do not hear voices from lower socio-economic suburbs as in Balga, Kensington, Rockingham, nor does one hear the voices of someone who has a job in a laundry, or as a kitchenhand, or who is from Sudan, or who is Muslim or who is even a disenfranchised white racist ex-con, rarely does one hear the voice of low socio-economic aboriginal Perth/Australia [unless this suits the agenda of some pristine white middle-class feminist cause] one usually only ever hears more educated classes of aboriginal voices. One never hears the voices of new immigrants from China/asia or elsewhere?

Never does one hear the voices of the far-right, the far-left, the filthy rich, or even the desperately impoverished and uneducated white trash. one only ever now hears from the well ensconsed well connected well networked in-crowd with the right point of view at RTR fm of late."

 And this saddens me somewhat and although I have tried telling them such things and how sorry I was for doing so they still reserve the right not to have their pure and perfect sensibilities made dissimulated by criticism. Basically they delete my comments!

"Nevertheless RTR fm has definitely lost much of its edge."

Again this is the same sort of problem with our other major independent music network Triple J. In that it has essentially been taken over  by all the 'in-crowd'. All promoting their own political agenda [gay marriage or upper middle-class feminism] at the expense of other more disparate voices, although it must be stated these will on odd occasion allow such things to happen as long as these other voices stay within the blinkers, -just to prove to its critics that, 'everything's OK at triple J heh! heh!! -HO, HO!'

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

banned from amazon kdp community forum after I asked "why are Australians being so discriminated against?" (2010)

REPLY to Ed August?  -Your not particularly bright 'ed' and I really should not waste my time but anyway here goes..... Do you realize how many different types of communities there are in Australia? Because your comment is completely jack-asse, ignorant.

Have you ever gone into some very small parochial communities all over Western Europe where they can often resort to straight out and severe abuse of you if you don't happen to be 'a local' or a national. Happened to me frequently especially throughout country areas of France. They can be particularly parochial as well sometimes quite insular in France can the frenchies be, and parts of southern Spain are fiercely right-wing and very parochial indeed even seriously hostile toward a 'non-local'. Italy too in some cases, admittedly Europe can suffer from having way too many foreign tourists.
And areas of Britain if you aint 'local yokel' forget it. And DO NOT even think about going into some of their public bars because you can get looked up and down like your from Mars or like they either want you dead or gone from their little hang-out very quickly indeed. Try Scotland for instance, they cin'a'be pretty good little nationalists too when they want to be.

And for all Australia's fond connections with Ireland, even as an Australian with Celtic sounding surname, as well my deep, supposed, ancient familial connections to the lovely Emerald Isle, a brotherhood made much of by both nations poets, musicians and other heralds of note, this brother of the celt from down-under was still fondly regarded as a potential interloper who possibly had too the potential to take work away from a true Irishman? And so with my perceived lack of funds [under $3000] in 1991, I was refused entry into Ireland even though it was at this time considered to be an 'Economic Tiger'.
Something I can say no Englishman ever did to me, even though my makeup might be more Celtic-australian than Anglo-Saxon australian?
Many millions of Irish over the decades have made use of this nation with its familiar and fond ties to the ancient, blood-line of the celt, especially when their own circumstances were dire and possibly a little uncertain. And one would generally have to say that this nation [australia] was more often than not, an easy, open and accessible entry point, recognizing familiar historical links...and thats not such a bad thing.
[nevertheless as a rule the irish are above all others of the British isles and further afield too, if simply because of the esteem that nation gives to Poetry & Musicianship. By comparison the English are more inclined to emphasise the value of the 'jones' much above everything else really].

Getting back onto English parochialism/nationalism go witness all the Brit lager louts along the Spanish coast or even go to Queensland where they've begun to set up their small nationalist Union Jack centric backpacker clubs and bars that completely 'bar' Australians from ever entering or working in that is if you want to come out alive!
In fact go down to Perth particularly along its coastal areas like 'Cottesloe' during summer season and see all the nasty brit boys in groups roam about trying to get into punch-ups with Australians in order to prove how much tougher they are than 'the loathsome convict aussies.'

Okay your an American, so you think North America does not have its small insular communities? You think they don't exist in Canada either heh? How wrong you are friend. And I as an australian have experiences that say differently and know for a fact the great self-righteous, pure as honey nation of Canada could easily be regarded as being redneck central and again your great and open-minded nation the US has more than its fair-share of nationalist backwards types.
'US' seems hell bent on making the world and indeed this country into its small terrified ally in fact. -Where even small minor matters of American 'newsworthiness' must be made into major news stories down here otherwise the American ambassador gets on the phone to our weak, cowering, australian political leaders to demand, indeed abuse and intimidate them into making some small, silly, uninteresting and really quite inane American news stories into almost front or second page page news here, or otherwise we get accused of not being interested enough in American affairs and being insular often when far more important things are happening either here or elsewhere in the world! [but guaranteed if something major happens here it barely rates even a mention in American news services, so culturally inoculated to other peoples cultures are you Americans].

And now we've [meaning our stupid labor government under PM.Gillard] has just handed over our country to the American military in order to build their bases here and to help fully consolidate their cultural colonisation over us [really an agent of the CIA with her one and only mission which was never 'feminism'  really just a ruse or a diversionary tactic, her real mission was to obtain executive office given to her by the invisible men who controlled Labor and who were also CIA trained and educated operatives and who have all since pretty much left politics now that their real 'mission' has been effectively accomplished ie., to aid and abett the establishment of the American military into this country and effect a takeover for when the conservatives take office and use any controversy as a pretext for which the Americans can intervene and simply make it a clean invasion, little more. Gillard is not a feminist she is a hard-right wing neo-conservative and like Abbott was born in the UK where her real alliances are].
 - from Sydney to Darwin and on down to Perth. Can't wait to see the consequences of that silly action on the part of again weak australian political leadership that have failed to see her for what she in fact is!
What usually happens is these American military go on to commit rape crimes against the local population only to be flown back to America to spend theirs days in an easy American military prison scoffing down McDonalds burgers and French fries and being told what great misunderstood American hero's they are.

-Once watched on late one night as a group of disenchanted American military walked down an australian suburban street overturning tables chairs smashing windows because of some sense that we 'aussies' were not being culturally obligated enough toward Americas own sense of its nationalistic superiority. But when these disenchanted white military boys found out they were being watched they at least apologized.
Personally I consider America and the largely evangelist & Jewish banking oligarchy/capitalists/aristocracy who control 'her' [through the federal reserve] to be the worlds most dangerous national entity since the Nazi's. -Who mostly now run 'her'.
Utterly determined to make every other nation on this earth a part of America's 21st century Roman-esque like agenda for world domination [essentially via the European aristo's] and just as equally riddled by their Christian theological falsity and religious dogma.

What about Asia you think some of their communities and nations do not suffer from prejudice directed toward non-citizenry? Or at times can be a little unfriendly to outsiders? Grow up. You sound extremely niavete -'ed august'. Try parts of Indonesia or Thailand mate, or even China, Japan, Korea? Some little towns won't let round-eye leave until they've ensured most of your money is well and truly in their safe little hands. Much of Asia can be thus prone.
Try India for instance, where racism along with caste and class bigotry, just alike the game of cricket, is a national past-time! The professional upper-class Anglo-Indian makes self-righteousness  into a higher art form in fact.

And what about Scandinavia?-You don't think they can be a little culturally insular, even red-necked at times? I can assure you they can be. If you want some real cultural parochialism along with a cool, snowy climate try New Zealand.
You think all the euro-trash & British do not come to australia and act the cultural chauvinist's they truly are?
 Trust me australians have been putting up with arrogant, loud-mouthed opinionated Americans, British, Dutch, French and Germans and other superior and arrogant western European free-loading 'self-entitled' backpackers for nearly half a century [as well NZ'rs] all using the place as their doormat and treating australians with quite a good degree of nationalist contempt all with the imprimatur of "the Australian Business Council-lobby" in order to do so as well the 'Australian?' Liberal Party. -[keeps the median wage low and has been doing so for nearly 40 years and more and also keeps australians in the main inadequately skilled as well generally lowly paid].
And right now we are inundated with all of these truly conceited French backpackers who refuse to converse to an Australian because we do not speak French enough for them, but nevertheless are quite happy to drop in here and just claim employment where and when it suits their arrogant little chauvinist natures and continue to still act the part of the superior European. The shear cultural-nationalist hostility coming from more than a few of them is so completely rude you would'nt believe!
 Bad enough in France to be so rude toward non-French speaking people, but to be thus so inclined in a foreign English speaking land is clearly arrogant especially when one is here to take work from Australians-not the other way around!!!!

 Okay so your friend had a hard time in a little outback town somewhere in South Australia called tim-buk-too. Get over it!

One thing we have not done and that is gone into other peoples countries and bombed them into submission like you Americans regularly do to any country who is unwilling to accept your rule of authority and cultural colonisation.
And we have never enslaved the millions of african, asians or others the way you foul British, Germanic, Dutch, French, Belgium, Spanish, and Portuguese have done. Okay? The only potential colony we had was Papua New Guinea of which we freely relinquished back in the early nineteen seventies!
And further we have never slaughtered the several million Gypsy's-Poles-Leftist's-Artists-Jews-and mentally ill like the Germans did in WW11.
Nor have we murdered and enslaved the millions of Palestinians the way the Israeli Zionist's are doing right now in Middle-East.

But we do have to put up with a lot of the after-effects because these cultures think we are the same as British or Americans when we patently are not. And what we've got is resource riches of which northern hemisphere multi-nationals/governments are determined to get hold off. which is why all the recent anti-Australian fervour?
(Although in reality the true underlying reason why white australians are so vilified by the British, NZ'rs, Americans, Europeans, Asians even our own aboriginals vilify us and worse. ie., because of our penal colony beginings. 'We are the blacks of the white race.' The Irish think it is themselves. It isnt. Its Australians always has been. And we are the very first nation founded essentially on secularist principles or 'non-christian religious principles'' unlike any other nation. Another reason why we are a despised lot. )

Go to amazon web page greg hoey "hideous an erotic art world tale" or "Awake by an elephant in the room," you may be even more justifiably offended, you being the wonderfully accepting individual you actually think you are.

Oh but I forgot 'ed,' you americans are not interested in anything that does not have america or americans as the central characters in your books or movies are you.